Philly Gay Lawyer on LGBTQ SpeakOUT Radio Show

Tune in to the FIRST official segment of my new LGBTQ specific radio show, SpeakOUT airing on Q102, 104.5 and Mix 106.1 during the What’s Going On show on Sunday morning!

SpeakOUT will highlight varying LGBTQ topics in our community ranging from cultural happenings, legal issues and poignant interviews with leaders in our community. SpeakOUT would not be possible if it weren’t for the formidable Loraine Ballard Morrill who is producing and engineering the show!

The next segment we’ll be releasing is a conversation between Loraine and I talking about our trip to Gay World Pride in Toronto and all of the eye-opening things that Loraine learned in just a few days with the GAYS!!

Read more here!

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Obama’s first term provided unparalleled rights for LGBT community (Published: 3/14/2013)

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