Start Up Ventures

GLG expertly guides start-up firms to meet the rapid pace that industrialists need to get off the ground. We support our clients’ businesses as they grow. As their needs evolve, our strong legal insight helps form the foundation of their future successes.

GLG currently serves as in-house counsel for several businesses and start up ventures. Examples of how GLG can help you and your company’s entrepreneurial effort include the following:

  • Entity formation: Choosing the appropriate form your business should take, whether as a general or limited partnership, corporation or a limited liability corporation (LLC). This major decision will affect your company throughout its life.
  • Development planning: Aiding in mapping out the legal path that your company will take.
  • Financing: Working out strategies to balance your budget and effectively cover your debts.
  • Raising capital: Getting your company the lifeblood it needs to grow and thrive.
  • Intellectual property advice
  • Employment matters: Helping to create and enact fair employee policies compliant with both federal and state regulation.
  • Commercial negotiations: Creating mutually beneficial agreements to help stimulate more growth and opportunity.
  • Partnership and Limited Liability Company Agreements: Drafting these documents are crucial to your personal liability in the future, and GLG will help limit your personal liability as much as possible.
  • Distribution Agreements

Business Incubator

Giampolo Law Group works with companies in all stages of their development: from start-up companies to long-established businesses. GLG also works with start-up businesses in Business Incubator programs.

Business Incubators are unique programs that serve to nurture and aid start-up companies in those early periods when a company is more likely to be vulnerable to economic downturns. Incubators allow entrepreneurs to obtain valuable knowledge and advice in maintaining the success of these new companies. These programs provide many benefits to young companies including:

  • Legal services and consultation
  • Shared office space and equipment
  • Assistance in obtaining funding or access to venture capital
  • Networking opportunities