Lease Review & Negotiation

Giampolo Law Group specializes in Lease Review & Negotiation for agreements that are both legally enforceable and affordable. We will prepare, review and negotiate leases for regional shopping malls and major office buildings, whether for companies expanding to new locations, or for franchisors or franchisees expanding to new locations. Entering into a commercial lease can be a drastically different process with much steeper legal and business consequences. For example:

  • While consumer protection laws often protect residential tenants, commercial tenants are generally afforded much less protection.
  • The form and substance of commercial leases vary greatly from lease to lease and this makes it critical to review every aspect of a lease before signing.
  • Commercial leases are usually for much longer terms, making it more difficult to leave if things do not work out.
  • Many commercial leases contain very steep penalties for early termination or failing to meet every obligation under the lease in a timely fashion.

Failing to address these issues can be detrimental to a business.