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The Hosts of OUTside the Box

Angela Giampolo

Angela Giampolo

Your Gay Lawyer

Angela D. Giampolo, or Your Gay Lawyer, is a Pennsylvania & New Jersey attorney, innovative entrepreneur, and dedicated community leader.

Angela has spent the last two decades championing LGBTQ causes and philanthropic endeavors in both her career and her free time. In addition to the law firm she started over ten years ago to service the LGBTQ community in PA and NJ, Angela is the founder of Caravan of Hope, a traveling pro bono law firm that provides free legal services to LGBTQ people in underserviced communities around the country. She is also leading the expansion of StartOUT, an organization that empowers LGBTQ entrepreneurs, into Philadelphia.

Angela’s tireless efforts have garnered awards and honors, like the PA Society Diversity Award and the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Award. She is on the board of many local, statewide, and national non-profit organizations, including the Victory Fund and Liberty City Democratic Club. Angela also serves as President of the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia (GALLOP).

Apart from all the lawyering and community causes, Angela is an avid Chihuahua rescuer, travel connoisseur, real estate investor, and wife.

Karl is known by all who love him as a curator of social media! He spends inordinate amounts of time finding funny memes and telling slice-of-life stories and while his goal may be to make others smile, humor is truly what gives Karl life.

Karl lives with his two dogs in Philly.


Chief Bark Officer

An activist, a humanitarian, and an icon with too many accolades to list.

Niko prefers to growl when he greets you. It’s not that he’s unfriendly; he was raised on the streets of Philly, so he’s got some grit. But don’t let his sharp teeth fool you. Niko has a big heart. Most days he finds himself helping Angela in the office and escorting her on work trips. Niko is just as passionate as Angela is about supporting LGBTQ causes… he just prefers to do it from the comfort of a velvet-lined papoose hanging from Angela’s shoulder.

When he is not devoting his time to philanthropic causes, Niko spends most of his time catching up on episodes of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, eating freshly cooked chicken out of Angela’s hand, and biting strangers who don’t respect his personal space.


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